Every animal have teeth and it become dirt when they eat meals. If we have pet at home we need to keep their teeth clean and shiny. In nature the animals do not need to clean their teeth but it is important for our home pets. So we should know some ways that will help us to keep our animals teeth neat and clean. After every meal we should follow the condition of their teeth to take its proper care. Here there are seven best tips which will lead us to care our dog’s dental problem: -


1. Clean teeth after meal :  The dog we have made pet at home might not have strong teeth. But we can keep its teeth clean and tidy. Whenever it takes meal the teeth of it’s become dirt and it happens when we forget to brush its teeth at night before sleeping. So we should brush its teeth after it has taken a good meal at night and before breakfast. 


2. Dental Doctor care : Sometimes the dogs upper part becomes infected by germs or viruses. In this condition a proper dental doctor is a must to have taken a great care for its teeth. We have to follow the instruction of the dental care doctors every time. Before the effect becomes more infected of the dogs we should take a proper step to recover it.  


3. Give its vitamin C contain foods : The foods which contains vitamin c like fruits and vegetables should be given to eat the dogs. It keeps the teeth strong and healthy and your dog can easily chew the bones. It will also remove the dirt and germs from the dog’s teeth that may be a reason of its having sick in future. 


4. Dry food is better than the soft : the dry foods are easy to eat by your dog and chew also. But when you serve it soft food it can easily eat them. But finally the foods remain inside the gaps of the teeth. If you have forgotten to brush its teeth then the food creates decay in the dog’s teeth.


5. Decay stages : the decay on dogs teeth is a great problem for your dogs. You have to take it to the veteran when in the first stage you find decay on its teeth. The first stage is called “Early Gingivitis” and the 2nd stage is called as “advanced gingivitis” before the problem reaches to the third or fourth you need to consult your dog to a veteran. In this way to take a great care of your dog. 


6. Avoid Chewing bones for a long time : the dogs must be loving to chew bones but it should not be continued for a long. The bone chewing somehow becomes a reason of having fracture or decay in your dog’s teeth. Always try to give it homemade treat recipe than giving it bones.


7. Use tooth paste and brush : We use tooth paste and brush for cleaning our teeth but the same thing cannot be applied for the dogs. If you have a lovely pet dog you can clean its teeth using paste and tooth brush as well. But the paste and tooth brush must not be like human tooth brush or paste. In human tooth brush you will find hard materials and effective chemicals in paste. If you apply them on your dog’s teeth it may cause a great damage to the teeth of you dogs. It sometimes becomes the reason of having decay in your dog if you forcefully brush its teeth with hard tooth brush. 


Dogs have a great looking with its wild and natural teeth and for your pet it all the same. You will never want it to have dirty teeth like the dogs of the streets. They don’t have any owner to take care of them. But you can keep your dogs dental clean by following the steps above and give your pet dog beautiful white and shiny teeth. If you can keep it continue your dog may have no chance to fall sick dentally.